Special Needs Dentistry
in Flanders, NJ

Providing comprehensive preventive and therapeutic dental care to patients who have special healthcare needs is an important aspect of the specialty of pediatric dentistry. We value the unique qualities of each young smile we treat and seek to ensure maximal health for all, regardless of developmental disability or other healthcare issues.

  • Dr. Sonnenberg has been seeing a number of our special needs and handicapped patients for a majority of their lifetimes.
  • Our practice specializes in systematic desensitization as our primary process in getting our patients comfortable with our office. We do not restrain, papoose, or sedate in our office.
  • Our practice utilizes Donated Dental Services, which offers volunteered time and labor to special needs children who are permanently disabled or medically at-risk and lack adequate income to pay for needed dental care. In our practice alone, we have a large number of patients to whom our doctors provide comprehensive dental care at no charge.
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