Meet Dr. Steven Klein

Dr. Steven Klein received his education from the University of Pittsburgh and earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Columbia University. He has been practicing for 40 years and finds the technical aspects of the dental field extremely interesting. Dr. Klein is a member of multiple professional organizations, ranging from dental associations like the American Dental Association to ones that pertain to his hobbies of skiing, snowboarding, acting, and riding motorcycles.

Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Klein grew up in the Bronx. He now resides in Ledgewood with his wife Donna, children Jonathan and Danielle, and their yorkie-poo, Max. When Dr. Klein is not working, you can find him skiing, snowboarding, or riding his motorcycle, as a coach and for leisure. He is passionate about his family above all, and they mean the world to him.

Community programs are of utmost importance to Dr. Klein: he is a Red Cross donor, a member of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, and a St. Therese volunteer. Dr. Klein has also participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a Coalition Member for Balloon and Inflation and as as Volunteer for the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.

He is passionate about any and all activities that he participates in, as well as continuing to learn about the things he enjoys most. Dr. Klein loves working with his patients and gets pleasure from interacting with them in the office. He enjoys working with the team at Flanders Pediatric Dentistry because they listen to and respect one another. He truly feels that going to the office at Flanders Pediatric is like going to Disney World!

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